Bearlanders has been acquired by husband and wife team, Nathan & Samantha. We are new to online business, but selling hand crafted goods is something we are currently doing in our brick & mortar store, located in Las Vegas, NV.
We are still working closely with the previous owner to ensure a smooth transition for our current customers. We will be clearing out old inventory to make room for new items that will reflect who we are.
Bearlanders online store opened in 1999 with just a few simple necklaces that were handcrafted and specially made by several Navajo Indians. The business had expanded to include a large selection of handcrafted American Indian Necklaces, Sterling Silver Pendants, Dream Catchers, Horse Hair and Etched Pottery, Sand paintings, Kachina Dolls and more.
We are excited to change up the inventory with new authenticity.
Check back often for new merchandise as well as all the reduced sales prices on these unique pieces of art!
Love & Light To You!