2 Inch Wedding Favor Dreamcatchers - Qty 100

$799.00 $399.00

Our dreamcatchers are handcrafted, made in America, with feathers, leather and beads. This dreamcatcher is all white in color and comes in quantities of 100, which is great for special functions including weddings. These dreamcatchers hangs approximately 8 to 10 inches in length with the center (or woven web) measuring 2 inches in diameter. At the wholesale price of only $3.99 when purchasing 100, retail is $7.99, plus, the shipping is included in wholesale pricing. White dreamcatchers add to the perfect white wedding as wedding favors and as decorations. White dreamcatchers are perfect for anniversary parties. These dreamcatchers are made in America, our all white dream catcher offers the soft angelic flow of white. If you require a different amount or different color just call us. 702-567-9126 You may purchase 3 inch all white dreamcatchers and 4 inch all white dreamcatchers at wholesale prices as well. Click wholesale dreamcatchers, choose the size you want and type all white in the comments section of your order. You will NEED to order at least 3 weeks in advance for us to make these all white dreamcatchers for you. The dream catcher pendant <- is a nice bride>s Maids gift. We do not accept any coupons on wholesale dream catcher orders!