3D Dream Catchers for sale


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Double Dreamcatcher - 4 Inch in 3D. These dream catchers are crafted using two 4 inch ring wrapped in red leather. Each of our dream catchers was handcrafted and made in America. The sinew (web) is wrapped around all 4 sides of this dreamcatcher making it 3 dimensional.

This 3D dream catcher is made with feathers, beads and leather. We ship our dream catchers with a certificate of authenticity attached. This dream catcher has a 4 inch hang strap at the top for easy hanging. These dreamcatchers hang approximately 16 inches in length from the hang strap to the bottom of the feathers. Each of our dream catchers will differ slightly in the color of the feathers and beads, adding to each a unique authenticity.

These Dreamcatchers are handcrafted and shipped with a certificate of authenticity and spiritual meaning.