Hematite - Energy


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This Hematite worry stone measures 1 by 1 inch, each Hematite worry stone is a metallic dark grey color and each is unique therefore each will vary in exact size. We show 2 hematite stones to give an idea of the different shapes, we do our best to ensure each stone is close to the size listed.

Simply carrying and rubbing a stone when anxious takes your mind off some of the day to day worry. Since stones are dense and durable, you can rub your worry off onto this stone. Hematite is said to energize and revitalize you as well as attunes the mind and positively effects the bloodstream. Not all hematite is smoothe, the upper photo shows the infractions or roughness of each stone.

We now have a smaller or a larger stone, Use the drop down box to choose the smaller is about 1 inch and larger is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches.