• Jasper Turtle - Turquoise & Coral Dots - Carved Fetish

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    This handcrafted jasper turtle was made in America. This jasper turtle with turquoise dots across the back is referred to as a fetish, stands 1/2 inch tall and measures 1 3/4 inches across by 1 3/8 inch in width.
     We have only two of the turtles, one is greyish brown and one is greyish black. Please use the drop down box to choose your desired coloring. The turtle is said to bring longevity. Click either photo for a larger view. 

    The turtle is the oldest symbol of Mother Earth and represents longevity and is used for healing. Some believe that the possession of a turtle fetish allows one to defy death. He also represents water, which in the high desert climate of Zuni is a precious commodity