Kachina Doll - Wooden Skirt Zuni Hemis - 7 Inch 40% OFF

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This Kachina Doll was made in America. This kachina doll is hand carved out of wood, including the wooden skirt and the colorful wooden headdress. This kachina doll is called "Zuni Hemis" although it is used by several of the southwest tribes today. This Kachina Doll measures just over 7 inches tall and has the American Indian artist initial "B.C.". The skirt is painted and the doll was carved and assembled by hand with feathers, rabbit fur and leather accessories. The Zuni Hemis kachina brings happiness to the tribe after first harvest. Each Kachina Doll is uniquely designed to create an original one-of-a-kind collectable. We are proud to state made in America. Click the photo for a larger view.