Navajo Pottery - Ceramic Horse Hair Wedding Vase - HEM

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This ceramic horse hair wedding vase was made in America by Navajo artist "Cecelia Benally". Ceclia has hand etched and hand painted this wedding vase. This medium size horse hair wedding vase measures about 8 1/2 inches tall and 6 inches across.

 Since each wedding vase is hand painted, the vase you receive will likely have different colors and etching. This unique pottery gets its originality by placing horse hair over the ceramics during the firing process and the horse hair is singed right into each piece of ceramics, creating an original one of a kind piece of art.

 The Wedding Vase has special meaning, it holds two spouts, used by the newlyweds to drink a toast to their lifelong union. This item is a piece of art and not suggested to drink from. Each vase is original and unique.
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