Onyx Bead Necklace with Jet arrowhead 35% OFF

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This Onyx bead necklace is an original one of a kind, made in America. This Onyx necklace has a Jet arrowhead at the center, it was handcrafted with 8mm Onyx beads, alternating with 6mm onyx beads. This Onyx Necklace with Arrowhead measuring 20 inches in length, handcrafted on a thin cable creating both flexability and durability, finished with a sterling silver lobster clasp. The arrowhead is a symbol of the adventurer as well as the hunter, Onyx is thought to be a stabilizing stone during times of extreme stress and to drive away a bad temper. Jet is thought to reduce fear and depression. These stones compliment each other in color and spiritual attributes. This item includes a FREE Gift Box.