Onyx Necklace with Tiger Eye Arrowhead 30% OFF

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This tiger eye arrowhead necklace was made in America. This arrowhead necklace was handcrafted using 6mm onyx beads and 6mm tiger eye beads with a tiger eye arrowhead in the center of the necklace as a focal point. This arrowhead necklace measures 20 inches in length and the tiger eye arrowhead measures 1 3/4 in length and 3/4 across. This tiger eye arrowhead necklace is finished with a silver barrel clasp.

 Tiger eye is thought to balance negative and positive energy, bringing clarity and enhance psychic ability. Onyx is said to be a stabilizing stone which helps with a bad temper. While this necklace is not fragile, if you drop it, the stone arrowhead could break! Item includes FREE Gift Box.