• Re-Purposed Copper - Tree of Life w/Red Chalcedony - Pendant & Leather Cord Necklace


    This Copper Tree of Life Pendant was hand crafted using wire wrap techniques. The beautiful copper is re-purposed from a car battery and a discarded extension cord. The pendant has 40 different shaped genuine red chalcedony nuggets, strung together along the top of this Tree of Life, which measures 2.5 inches in diameter and the bale is 1 inch. 

    Features a hand made copper clasp at the end of a 31" beige leather cord.

    Chalcedony is a stone used to unite men with the Divine Spirit. Wear it for your personal life to enhance bonds with masculine energies. It can also be used in healing practice to activate generosity in someone and bring peace to their Being. 

    The Tree of Life is depicted in religions and philosophy to symbolize the connection of life between Earth and the Universe. It teaches us that we are ground to and of Earth, but have the ability to grow into the cosmos which we are also of. To properly use this energy piece, one must have great understanding to the Laws of Nature.