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    This authentic Navajo kachina doll is called a Shalako, referring to an American Indian dance ceremony performed by the village medicine man. This kachina doll is hand carved from a cottonwood root, with intricate hand etching, beautifully hand painted with vibrant colors, unique patterns. This kachina doll was handcrafted by the Navajo artist J.T. who enjoys hand crafting his artwork. This brightly colored Shalako STANDS APPROXIMATELY 6 INCHES TALL, on a 2 inch wooden base which J.T. has burned and etched to look like bark around the base. J.T. has burned his initials on the bottom of the doll.

    When comparing prices on kachina dolls, you will find a wide price range, everyone believes their work is special and price accordingly. Since this kachina was carved from a cottonwood root and then nailed/glued onto a wooden base, the price is less than that of a doll which was carved entirely from one piece of wood including the base. I have these "New" shalako dolls in 6 inch, 8 inch and one 10 inch doll that J.T. has hand etched and hand painted. I have added a photo with all three sizes to give you an idea of how tall the dolls are. THE upper photo shows the blue face doll with all the bright colors.

    Click on the photos for larger picture.  This beautiful doll is just a fraction of the price of many kachina dolls and the artwork on this piece is intricate. The Shalako dance is performed on a mesa, giving thanks for a plentiful year and abundant harvest. The artist used the root's natural bends and curves, capturing the dancer, as if holding it's robes tightly to it's sides as it moves in the wind on top of the mesa. Each of these beautiful Shalako kachina dolls is a unique, one of a kind.