Sterling Silver - Kokopelli w/ 12K Gold fill Bear Claw, Arrowhead, Lizard and Naja - Pendant

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This is a Large Sterling Silver Pendant crafted with 12k Gold fill Bear Claw, Lizard, Arrowhead and Naja, surrounds the Kokopelli. This Awesome sterling silver pendant was made in America, measures 3 inches in length and 1 3/4 inch across.

This beautifully detailed Kokopelli Pendant was designed by Navajo artist "Alonzo Mariano" for men and women who enjoy wearing a large pendant. This pendant is stamped with sterling along with "Amariano" on the back and the pendant is hollow to ensure that it is not too heavy to wear.

According to American Indian folklore, Kokopelli represents the Spirit of Fun, Music and Fertility. For those who enjoy magical mischief in the spirit of fun and playfulness, Kokopelli is for you. Click on the photo, it will enlarge showing you the detailed craftsmanship in the handcrafted pendant.

When You purchase a chain along with your pendant you will save $10 off the retail price of the chain.